I’m simultaneously breaking in a new palette (it looks way too clean, doesn’t it?) and trying gouache for the first time. I’ve been feeling a strong urge to create but haven’t felt much energy for following through on that urge, so this was my attempt at meeting in the middle. I pushed myself to sit down and get started, but I kept it all loose and scribbly, letting colors run together and over each other and painting without the aid of a pencil sketch. I’ll go back and “fine tune” just a bit, I think, but I like it.

Evening Lights


This evening I have been beginning to clean up the photos of my last round of drawings. I’m feeling quiet and still, but nevertheless it’s puff, puff, puff, on to the finish.

Blue Bicycle


I am finally in the home stretch with the illustrating project that has been taking up all my free time, and summer is still barreling past like an express train, but I did find a little time for a quick sketch. I had a lot of trouble getting my camera to photograph this. I’m not sure if it’s the light blue pencil or what, but I don’t have time to try again, so this is as good as it gets for now. I think I might revisit this one in watercolor the next time I come up for air.