I had a nice little spurt of creative energy a couple weeks ago and cracked open a watercolor sketchbook that I’ve had for years and not used much. A couple of warm, sunny days found me putting in time on the porch with paints and paper. I was just playing around, my only goals to fill the page and to use bright color. The result isn’t anything special, but just the act of letting out some creativity was satisfying in itself.



I was desperate for warmer weather at that point and savoring every ray of sunshine I could find, so the paintings were taking on a fairly specific theme. It turned cold again soon after, but it was enough to get me through a little longer. Come on, spring!

Under Cover


Well, yes. You really can pass three or four months just like that, head to toe under cover and totally blah. I just didn’t feel like painting, didn’t feel like writing, didn’t feel like much of anything. I just didn’t feel like it. I realized after I finished this sketchbook page that I shouldn’t have used such bright, cheery colors, because it felt more drab and gray at the time. But at long last the air is getting just a bit warmer and the sun has returned (hello, friend!), and it appears that finally this bear is beginning to poke her head out of the cave. No promises on regular blog posting—my progressive lack of interest in bloggity things is another story—but I’m painting again, and I might just pop in now and then to show something new. Hope you’ve been well while I was hibernated.

Frosty and Friends


This was today’s little craft with the kids: sock snowmen. Two are gifts and two will live at our house. Tutorial here. (We made some minor alterations.) The origami trees are from a different day; the instructions for those are here.