Frosty and Friends


This was today’s little craft with the kids: sock snowmen. Two are gifts and two will live at our house. Tutorial here. (We made some minor alterations.) The origami trees are from a different day; the instructions for those are here.

Snow Cat and … the Bird



A long, long time ago—I mean, a long time ago. Years. So long I don’t even remember when. Anyway, a long time ago, I suggested that my kids draw up their own patterns for stuffed animals that we could make together. Recently I came across my son’s drawing, and I decided to locate his finished stuffy and take a picture of it next to the pattern. He says it’s a bird. My daughter also designed a stuffy and asked me to make it out of the most annoying fabric ever. (Fur. Slippery, miserable fur.) I’ve since lost her pattern, but you can see her little “Snow Cat” here too.

Butterfly Bag


A while back there was a rather urgent need for a butterfly bag in these parts. It didn’t need to be fancy or super durable, so I grabbed craft felt that I had on hand and then I just “winged” it (ahem). Quite literally. There was a quick sketch to use for makeshift pattern pieces, and then there was a flurry of snipping and sewing. Miraculously, nothing went wrong. Later I converted my drawing to a nicer pattern that you can download if you want to give it a try yourself.