Snow Sew


On Wednesday we hunkered down in preparation for our biggest snowstorm yet, and while most people were rushing to the store for bread and milk, I made sure I got to the craft store for supplies. That’s totally a pre-snow priority, right? One of the projects I worked on (while a foot or so of snow fell) was fulfilling a request for some more fox stuffies. I’ve put one of them, backed in soft, green corduroy, in the shop.

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  1. twirling betty says:

    I love my little fox stuffy. I never managed to bring myself to give him away so he’s ours now. And has handled the Australian summer remarkably well I must say! Yes, your priorities are totally in order: 1. creativity 2. whatevs else is necessary to survival. xx

    written on February 27th, 2014, at 8:12 pm
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