From Under the Pile of Towels




I just saw a back-to-school commercial on TV, and I ran and hid under a pile of beach towels. Summer is passing as it always does—with glorious heat and sunshine and far, far too quickly. There’s been no time for spontaneous creativity, but some of my part-time work involves more study guide illustrations, so I’m getting possibly more drawing time than I care for! Today I stepped outside to look through the proofs for another set of drawings, and I snapped a few photos to prove that I am, indeed, still here and there.



Just some little paint doodles on rocks—butterflies and flowers for my nature girls.

Winner, Winner

Thanks to those of you who entered the giveaway for a set of mini notecards. Truly, I’ve seen dust bunnies billowing through here of late, given my own spotty presence, so I’m glad at least a few someones chose to join in!

I wanted to get all creative with a random drawing process, but I’m just too deep in work projects right now to think about that, so I settled for boring old, and it told me that the winner is …


Congratulations, Anna! I’ve sent an e-mail to obtain shipping information and will get the cards out to you right away.

Thanks again, friends!