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It seems that of late it’s a “need” that finally pushes me to work on something new. This time it was the need for a gift for a new baby (or really, his mama) that resulted in this new painting.

I like process photos, love seeing how a painting changes from one step to the next and what a big difference a new layer of paint makes. Next time I might be more intentional about documenting the process, getting more—and better quality—photos so that I can make a fuller slideshow.

If you like this piece, it’s available as a print in my Etsy shop or in a number of other (super cute) formats, such as iPhone cases, T-shirts, and throw pillows, on society6.

Finding the Time




Feeling a bit broken record-ish with my cries of “not enough time, not enough energy!” But it’s true most of the time. Even so, I finally completed another spread in my sketchbook. I’m beginning to experiment just a little bit with pattern and continuing to keep the paints loose, blotching them around and letting them run a bit. So satisfying.

I didn’t use any pencil (other than for the initial sketch) with the lefthand one. Hard for me, but I like the result. I’ve decided I should probably make another version featuring a cell phone since the phone I painted is pretty much an antique now!

The righthand painting started as a pencil sketch that I didn’t really like, and it’s still not my favorite, but I think it’s greatly improved with the paint and pattern and the blurry, colorful background.

Sketch Spread




I’m still trying to find a little sketchbook time here and there, and this is my first finished spread. My goals, inspired by a sketchbook I just adore, are filling the whole page and keeping it loose and free. No worrying about running off the page or where a particular puddle of color will settle. I still like pieces with white backgrounds and careful lines, as I’ve made most recently, but it’s also good to loosen up and fill it up, and I quite like the effect. I added a bit of colored pencil for detail.