Flutter, Bye




From sketch to computer to pattern. Now I just have to find time for the stitching….

(My apologies for the grainy photos. Only one of them was taken in decent light.)




I’ve disappeared down a stash-busting rabbit trail. I started out looking through my cotton yarn so that I could make some Swiffer socks for a friend, and in so doing realized I was overdue to make some new dishcloths for myself, and in so contemplating I started a quest to use up all the scraps of cotton I had left lying around, Swiffers and their socks all but forgotten. That resulted in the dazzlingly mismatched cloth you see pictured here, as well as the dreaded tucking in of many loose ends.

Once I’d recovered from the dishcloth frenzy (I made twelve and, yes, did use up all of my scraps), I made two Swiffer socks that multiplied into ten once friends saw me making them and wanted their own. I meant to take photos of those but gave them away before I remembered. And then, because I had just a bit of yarn left and a strong compulsion to use it all, I went for a crocheted bath puff. It looks neato, but I have to admit I’m not completely sold on it in practice. I think the cotton is a bit too absorbent or something.

So my somewhat diminished free time of late has been taken up with boring domestic crafting, and I don’t have much to show for it unless you fancy dishpan hands. I’m starting something new—the first embroidery I’ve undertaken in quite some time—so hopefully soon I’ll have something more interesting to show off. Happy weekend, friends!

Shower Society




It’s been a while since I mentioned my society6 shop here. I don’t put a lot into it, but it’s a good way to use my artwork in fun applications that I couldn’t easily produce myself. I get a kick out of seeing my paintings on iPhone covers and throw pillows. Lately society6 has been busy creating several new items, including wall clocks and coffee mugs. My favorite has to be the shower curtains, though, because some of my drawings look so funny on them.




Who wouldn’t want a blown-up image of a charcoal lady, a giant, dancing bird, or a strange creature lurking in their bathroom?