Old Man Willow


I’ve only partially adjusted to the new school-year routine. The kid part I’ve got covered; the me part, not so much. This has meant still no time for drawing or painting, so I’m scraping around for content these days. This pencil drawing is one of my favorites from the recent illustration project. I’ll show some more once they’re actually in print.


photo 2


This isn’t all that recent, but a few months ago we spent some time at a cabin in the woods, and while there I sat outside and made some very simple pencil and paint sketches of a few things I found. It’s quite different from the type of painting I’ve been up to lately, and I’m hoping things (work things) will soon settle down enough that I can share some of that here.



I’m simultaneously breaking in a new palette (it looks way too clean, doesn’t it?) and trying gouache for the first time. I’ve been feeling a strong urge to create but haven’t felt much energy for following through on that urge, so this was my attempt at meeting in the middle. I pushed myself to sit down and get started, but I kept it all loose and scribbly, letting colors run together and over each other and painting without the aid of a pencil sketch. I’ll go back and “fine tune” just a bit, I think, but I like it.