Some More Finishing


The “Narnia project,” as we’ve been calling it around here, is wrapped up, and I’m breaking out the paints to finish up another project that’s been hanging around for far too long. It’s also been far too long since I last got to paint, and it is especially fun to be doing it now in a carefree, scribbly sort of way, as is required by this particular project. I’m painting right on card stock, which is pretty horrid with watercolors—the pigment soaks into the fibers in weird ways, and the paper can’t tolerate many layers of wet—but that’s all part of the aforesaid scribbly nature and is working out better than I would have guessed….



My primitive photo shoot setup. I prefer natural light when I can get it, but this works late at night or on a rainy day like today. Note the very fancy bounce boards (leftover foam core) and tripod (stacked boxes and packs of paper). I’ve got a tripod on my birthday list, but for now, this gets the job done—although it is very annoying to set up and take down regularly.

I’ve got two more drawings to complete for the illustration project. And yes, that is Aslan.

One and Two


I am working on my first for-publication illustrations, for a study guide based on The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. With each one I have gone from “Hey, this will be fun! It will be good experience! I can totally handle some simple drawings” to “I don’t know what I was thinking! This looks like a junior high art class drawing! I am going to fail!” One minute I am completely satisfied with what I’ve produced, the next I am certain it’s not right at all. One minute I’m excited to see them in print, the next I’m hoping no one I know sees my name on the copyright page. So, in other words, just another ordinary day in the life of a creative type, hey?