Scarf Week: one


I told you I was digging out the “someday I’ll make this for me” patterns and getting to work, didn’t I? This is an “infinity” scarf that can be looped twice (as pictured) or left in a single loop to hang down longer. With this one I learned how to do a provisional cast-on and knit the kitchener stitch. (Thanks, InterWebs!) The pattern is from Ravelry, here. (You’ll have to log in to see it.) It’s very fuzzy, as evidenced by all the fuzz on my shirt.

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I think the cooler weather and shorter days have pushed me into “get cozy” mode. I find myself wanting to eat soup all the time, and even though it’s been a long while since I last felt like picking up the knitting needles, I had a sudden fit of yarn-purchasing at the weekend. I’ve had a list of patterns I’ve been wanting to make for myself for years, and I’m finally going to take on a few (or fifty) of them.

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It seems that of late it’s a “need” that finally pushes me to work on something new. This time it was the need for a gift for a new baby (or really, his mama) that resulted in this new painting.

I like process photos, love seeing how a painting changes from one step to the next and what a big difference a new layer of paint makes. Next time I might be more intentional about documenting the process, getting more—and better quality—photos so that I can make a fuller slideshow.

If you like this piece, it’s available as a print in my Etsy shop or in a number of other (super cute) formats, such as iPhone cases, T-shirts, and throw pillows, on society6.